Personal Projects

Literacy Website. Volunteer work to design a website for Delaware Coalition for Literacy.


Application Features: Database of local literacy resources with a clickable map. Embedded video explaining mission.  Events calendar. Payment system via Paypal.

Scale: Small team project.

My Role: Lead Developer alongside graphic designer working with client.

Technologies: Visual Basic Web forms, Microsoft SQL, Gimp

Lessons Learned: Working with a client to meet their needs. Coordinating with a graphic artist. Setting up Paypal API.


Ghosthunting Website. Ghosthunting group web presence.


Application Features: Field report pages describing missions, Forums, user accounts, downloadable resource files, multimedia.

Scale: Individual project.

My Role: Lead Developer working with clients directly.

Technologies: Drupal CMS, PHP, HTML/CSS/javascript, MySQL.

Lessons Learned: Search engine optimization, CMS/Drupal configuration, controlling user content and spam.


Small Business Dog Grooming Website. Custom site to serve as a web presence  for a dog grooming business.


Application Features: Lightweight, displays business details, mobile friendly, embedded google maps, contact form.

Scale: Individual project.

My Role: Lead Developer working with client directly.

Technologies: Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS/Javascript.

Lessons Learned: Licensing, public domain, Bootstrap mobile design.


Fantasy Football Website. Custom site for tracking a unique fantasy football system.


Application Features: User accounts, Authentication, Mobile friendly user and administrator pages, custom data source.

Scale: Individual project.

My Role: Lead Developer working with clients directly.

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS/Javascript, MySQL.

Lessons Learned: Licensing, public domain, custom data parsing for football scores, Laravel framework, new PHP tricks.


Humor Blog – Custom site for humorous blog posts.


Application Features: WordPress

Scale: Working with client/contributor and Artist.

My Role: Develop and maintain site.

Lessons Learned: WordPress  custom templates.

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